About Us

A long long time ago in a college life now far far away....

The not-yet creator of the King Luge found himself frustrated by the exorbitant costs of a one-time use ice luge typically purchased from an ice house.  His solution?  Using a big plastic storage bin to freeze a block of ice in the Jimmy John's freezer - where he worked part time.  After transporting it back to his apartment hastily in his Toyota Tercel, he would extract the ice and carve out tracks with a drill.  Using a couple 2 by 4's nailed to the kitchen table and a shower curtain draped over the top feeding the ice melt runoff back under the table back into the bucket, the luge stand was born.  The execution rather crude, but ultimately effective.  More importantly, the concept of a reusable ice luge mold was born.

Fast forward 10 years later while playing a game a poker with his friends, college stories were exchange and the legend of the luge took center stage.  "Well if it was such a good idea...why don't you make one and sell it.  You are an engineer after all...."  Inspired by the challenge or the fact that he busted out the game in 20 minutes....he quickly got out his lap top and started working (and collaborating with those very players that night) on what is now known as the King Luge.

Launched in 2016, the King Luge is still owned and operated by its creator with orders are proudly fulfilled from Nazareth, Pennsylvania.  Most orders ship within 24 hours with a typical arrival time of 2-4 days.  We can accommodate expedited services upon request.

If you have any questions you can use the chat option on the bottom right of the screen during office hours or email us any time at info@kingluge.com