The King Luge allows you to select from 13 different colors, flashing, fading and brightness options via remote. The LED puck is super bright (10 LED cluster), battery operated and waterproof so you don't have to worry about accidentally getting it wet.

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So where's the mess?

An ice luge (as long as ice continues to melt on earth) will inherently be a messy ordeal - hence why you tend to see them only at outdoor events. NO MORE! The King Luge's perimeter reservoir allows you to bring the party inside completely mess-free as it will collect up to 1 gallon of ice melt during your party.

Size Matters

We know what you're thinking..."I've seen these before and I'm pretty sure they are only like $20"

Unfortunately, you've mistaken us for the little red luge popping up everywhere under different names. Yea that's most definitely not us. Apples & Oranges or better yet...Mopeds & Lamborghinis.

It just looks too big for my freezer.

YES it's huge and YES it fits. We measured dozens of freezers and designed the biggest possible luge that fits within most home freezers. But by all means, checkout freezer guidelines below to be 100% sure.

Freezer Guidelines

"We use it for parties on a weekly bases everyone loves it, it works great. The molds are not always the same depth when they freeze so one track may last a bit longer into the night than the other but it's definitely manageable and very convenient that it fits in the freezer"

"It was a great hit at our party. Lights work great and loved the fade feature. The ice luge popped right out of the mold..." 

"This was the hit of the party. Love it. Looks professional and definitely worth the price. Highly recommend."

"I brought the King Luge to my vacation at the Outer Banks and let's just say it took the fun factor from about a 7.5 to an 11. I literally woke up wearing someone else's flip flops. Enough said." J.Ray 

"This is a worthwhile purchase especially since a lot of other molds are 1 time use and cost almost as much as this one. Trust me everyone will want to take a drink off this awesome luge."